Marble transport trolleys

Transport trolleys are all those steel supports that support slabs and processed/semi-processed products from shocks, oscillations and vibrations during the handling and transport of construction or furnishing materials.

These are very resistant metal articles, with different shapes depending on the needs. Also included in this category are height-adjustable accessories that allow you to perform multiple tasks since they act as a work surface. They are suitable for materials such as marble, granite, agglomerate, plasterboard, glass, wood or any other processed.

Why choose Girlanda Fratelli as your marble supplies partner

Trolleys, trolleys, slab carriers, stands for the transport of slabs and containers for the handling of finished and semi-finished products are all Made in Italy items: designed, manufactured and assembled in our steel plant in Verona.

All products in this category can be used both indoors and outdoors, as they are equipped with the best wheels on the market for resistance and maneuverability in different contexts. In addition, we can perform the galvanizing treatment to increase resistance to rust.

We have chosen to work on order and to have a streamlined warehouse in order to meet the specific demand of each company. We have in our catalog many models that are distinguished by available sizes, weight, maneuverability, safety of movement, overall dimensions, maximum use load and versatility. As a customer you can choose from these ideas already on the market or ask for new ones; it is also possible to request the customization of any equipment in our catalog.

Every single article arrives to the recipient assembled because, only in this way, we can guarantee a high level of quality and a longer product life cycle.

All items are versatile and designed to supply mainly marble workers, but they can also be useful to carpenters, glaziers, blacksmiths, masons and operators in the construction world: the finishes that we have studied, in fact, serve to secure any material in the form of plate, slab, or top intended for interior design.

The experience gained in these years of work has allowed us to face many challenges, teaching us to learn from all the actors of the supply chain and to improve continuously.

If you need a tailor-made model or to transport a material not yet on the market, contact us, we will make it according to your instructions.

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