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Our catalog is the result of years of specific requests from our customers: we carry out studies, update products and add new items because it is you, the company, who ask us to do so. By adopting this approach, we are able to respond to current market demand in a very short time.

There are many types of equipment for marble workers that we make available to artisan workshops and large companies: from containers for workpieces to stands for slabs, from containers for scrap to workbenches, from lifting equipment to platforms, from hydraulic benches to rails for storage.

Customization, versatility and quality are the three common features of our assortment.

Those who turn to us are certain to see their needs met and, above all, know they are referring to a company that boasts a long and consolidated experience in the sector. Since the early sixties of the last century, in fact, we have been present on the market alongside marble workers and entrepreneurs in the stone industry with the aim of achieving, with our articles, high levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Thanks to all those who have chosen us, we are now able to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele and to present articles in constant evolution.

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