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Safety first of all! This, in fact, is one of the values that accompanies all our actions: from the choice of materials necessary for the construction of items, to the usability of the finished product.

We are committed to producing equipment and accessories for stonemasons that are always at the forefront in terms of safety, to create a constructive approach to work:

  • we work to achieve high quality standards;
  • our client companies are satisfied with our products;
  • their employees work well in a safe environment;
  • and so our customers' finished products are better too.

Since we have always pursued the maximum reliability and safety of our products, we have obtained the CE Certification as per the Machine Directive, and on the articles that provide for it, the CE label is affixed.

For each article we have prepared a technical file composed of projects, verification calculations, tests, controls and inspections that we keep in our archives.
You will receive the User's Manual and the Declaration of Conformity.

For the sake of clarity and transparency, here is a brief summary of the contents and requirements of the Machinery Directive - Directive 2006/42/EC.

Directive 2006/42/EC, better known as the Machinery Directive, implemented by Legislative Decree No. 17 of 27 January 2010, establishes and updates the essential safety, health protection and general scope requirements to be applied to the design and manufacture of machinery.

Since January 1, 1995, all machines introduced into the EU market can be marketed and put into service only if they comply with the Machinery Directive.

Only those products bearing the CE marking and an EC Declaration of Conformity are considered to be in conformity with the provisions of the Machinery Directive.

The CE marking and EC Declaration of Conformity are the means by which we certify and declare that the product complies with the essential requirements for safety and health protection, as demonstrated in the technical file in Annex VII, which we keep at our premises at the disposal of the competent authorities for checks and inspections.

Further documentation that we have to make available to companies are the "Instructions for use and maintenance", always drawn up in compliance with the provisions of Annex I of the Machinery Directive.

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