Containers for stone waste

By containers we mean all those boxes for solid, semi-solid and powder waste deriving from the processing of stone material, but also containers for industrial waste, such as shavings or scrap iron.

These are very resistant metal equipment and come in different shapes, depending on the function required. Every kind of company can ask for the customized container for the specific working waste, such as: marble, granite, agglomerate, iron, various metallic materials, building materials deriving from renovations, earth, sand, gravel, but also muds, slimes and dusts.

Why choose Girlanda Fratelli as your marble supplies partner

The containers for waste from processing stone materials, with openable bottom or perforated walls, as well as the tipping bins and containers that can be forklifted like buckets, are all Made in Italy items, designed, produced and manufactured in our Verona plant.

If the waste that is put into the container easily produces a corrosive reaction on the steel, we can carry out a galvanizing treatment to increase its resistance to rust.

We work on order and keep in stock the essentials to meet the specific demand of each company. The models available are many and differ in size, capacity, overall dimensions, weight and maximum load of use: you can choose between these "standard" or ask for new ones. Among the services we offer, there is also the possibility to customize each accessory for lifting and moving waste in our catalog.

Every single article arrives at its destination assembled because, only in this way, we can guarantee a high level of quality and a longer product life cycle.

All items are versatile and designed to supply mainly marble workers, but can also be useful to carpenters, blacksmiths, carpenters, masons and operators in the construction world. The finishes that we have studied, in fact, can be useful to satisfy most of the needs of different sectors.

In all these years of operation in the field we have seen and collected many experiences that have taught us humility, cross learning and continuous improvement. The item "Optional" that we have added to the product sheets, is the result of this continuous search for customization and innovation.

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