The Girlanda Fratelli company

Girlanda Fratelli is a family business composed of two brothers, Silvano and Simone.
We learned the trade thanks to our father Angelo, the first manufacturer in Italy of supplies for stonemasons and whose activity began back in 1962.

The manual experience with the material and the direct contact with customers, allowed us to found our company in 2010.
We have chosen to be producers of articles and equipment for stonemasons.
We have chosen to distinguish ourselves by taking care, in a personalized way, of every detail of our articles for the stone industry.
We have chosen to focus on quality at every stage of production: from product prototyping to delivery.

We are supplied by ambitious and creative stonemasons who demand high quality standards in their work. We have decided to sell directly to the end user, to be able to keep costs down and always be in contact with those who trust us and help us improve continuously.

Our customers get better results because they use customized equipment, designed by us to meet their needs. In this way we have been able to create a virtuous circle that has allowed us to maintain long-lasting relationships and trust in all these years of activity.

Who we are

We are the ones who respond to your requests.
We are the ones who work and shape the raw material.
We are always the ones who design the new and exclusive pieces that are requested.
For this reason we define ourselves as a family-run craft workshop.

Being producers we have in our catalog only the best equipment for processing, lifting, transport and storage of marble in all its forms (semi-finished, finished or waste product). We have a wide portfolio of products, complete for all types of companies in the stone industry.

We guarantee reliability in working relationships

We listen carefully to every request and respond quickly to all the needs of those who contact us.
We know very well our potentialities and our limits: for this reason we are committed to a pre and post sale service.

We assure Product Quality

Our products are distinguished by the attention we pay to the finishing details.
We are constantly looking for the best accessory materials for our articles, so that they always reflect the manufacturing quality typical of our way of working.

We strive to customize each request

Experience has allowed us to learn the trade and to be able to study solutions not yet present on the market. It is an added value that distinguishes us and allows us to help companies in different sectors - marble, glass, wood, metals, construction.

How we work

Ours is a purely artisan work: we design by hand on sheets of paper and develop the product on the computer to complete it with measures, finishes and details that improve the usability on site.

  1. For the actual realization we move to the laboratory.
  2. We work the iron in rod.
  3. We cut the raw material according to the needs, the product and the order received.
  4. We weld the individual pieces to give the initial semi-finished shape.
  5. Depending on the type of product and request, the product passes to the painting department.
  6. Galvanizing operations are carried out on those products with the highest risk of corrosion.
  7. All our products are assembled in our factory, as we are certain that this is the only way to ensure that the item will last longer and meet its quality standards.
  8. We carry out checks and controls to ensure that they comply with the Machinery Directive.
  9. We sell single products or larger orders of various quantities: in other words, we are able to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies, but also of large industrial enterprises.
  10. The transport phase can be managed by us or organized by the customer, depending on the agreement.

Who we work for

We are specialized in the production of supplies for marble workers and companies in the stone industry, as we are located in the heart of the second marble district of Verona. The contact with these realities is constant and allows us to know in real time the needs of the sector.

Many of our articles can be used

  • by any type of company that needs to lift or store materials in the form of slabs, plates or flat sections of any product;
  • by any company that needs to collect processing waste in iron containers;
  • as supplies for glassmakers;
  • as supplies for carpenters;
  • as supplies for building and construction operators.
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