Stand without wheels with blind bottom

Art. GF3/SV

Container designed and built to lift, handle or store slab loads, suitable for marble slabs, slab stone material, bathroom tops and countertops.


The steel container Girlanda F.lli is a container for transporting slabs with pallets, with fixed oblique side, built to deposit, lift and handle loads of stone slabs (marble or granite slabs).
The base and the shoulder of the container are covered with wooden boards.
It is built to meet the various needs can be used inside and outside of your laboratories.
The container can be used with transpallet, self-propelled forklift truck or lifting equipment. It is built in 1 model or made to measure to meet any need.
It is also available with hot-dip galvanizing treatment or immersion painting.

The product complies with the regulations:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and following integrations.

Technical characteristics

  • Base supporting structure in steel profiles
  • Leg upright in profiled steel
  • Supporting shoulder in welded steel profiles and sheet metal
  • Removable tubular element for holding slabs
  • Wooden batten for material support on the supporting shoulder
  • Wooden strip for supporting material on the base
  • Lateral hook for lifting attachment
  • Welded plate in sheet metal support foot
  • Snap-hook ring for rope retention, mounted on each side hook
  • Tubular steel welded structure connection shoulders

Measures and models

Customized models can also be supplied.

Maximum working load daN(~kg)


Length mm


Width at the base (excluding hooks) mm


Useful width (B1) mm


Total height mm


Shoulder height mm


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