Vertical slab deposit rail

Art. GF28/GQ

The rail consists of two 120 mm unp and 2 laser-cut blades with 62 mm holes, equipped with 14 posts of 60x60x4 mm height 150 cm in vertical position.


The Girlanda F.lli rail is an equipment designed and built to store slab loads vertically.
It consists of a pair of steel structures that are supported on the ground and into which a series of 14 posts are inserted, movable two by two, by means of a row of holes provided on both structures. The posts have the function of supporting the packs of slabs and are square in shape. The track is available galvanized or immersion painted. The rail is built in 1 model or custom.

The product complies with the regulations:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and subsequent integrations.

Technical characteristics

  • Basic supporting structure in steel profiles
  • 14 posts 60x60x4 height cm 150

Measures and models

Maximum certified capacity per pair of poles kg


Length mm


Width at the base mm


Height mm


Height pole mm


Square stakes height 150 mm


Mass (weight) kg


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