Trolley for slabs with two pumps

Art. GF12/B

The Trolley is a device designed and manufactured for the manual handling and transport of marble, granite or other stone products in slabs.


The Girlanda F.lli Trolley can only transport one slab at a time. To carry out this operation, it is essential that the slab is positioned almost vertically. The slab can also be picked up from a horizontal position, provided that the operation is carried out from a surface equipped with sliding elements for the slab (e.g.: a surface with balls or rollers) and that the same is placed at the same height as the trolley.
 If necessary, the trolley is also suitable for carrying out grouting operations on the slabs and/or as a workbench.
The trolley consists of a welded tubular steel lower base frame on which are fixed the manually operated hydraulic pumps, the oil tank and the hydraulic jacks, which controls the movement of the upper frame.
The trolley is available with painting treatment and is built in 1 version.

The product complies with the regulations:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and following integrations.
  • UNI EN ISO 12100/1 and 12100/2 standards.
  • When placed on the market the container is provided with the CE marking, accompanied by the EC declaration of conformity and the instruction booklet.

Technical characteristics

  • Basic supporting structure in steel profiles
  • Articulated mobile upper part for lifting and tilting the slabs
  • Transversal reinforcing elements of the base made of welded steel profiles
  • 2 manually operated hydraulic pumps
  • Oil tank
  • 2 hydraulic jacks
  • 2 pneumatic wheels 4.00.8
  • 1 swivel wheel with brake diam. 150 mm
  • 24 small wheels for the sliding of the slab.

Measures and models

Capacity daN(~kg)


Length mm


Width mm


Height mm


Mass kg


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