Steel container for marble with fixed sideboard

Art. GF2/04

Container designed and built to handle or store slab-shaped loads, especially suitable for kitchen tops, bathroom tops, shaped stone material.


The Girlanda F.lli steel container is an accessory designed and built to handle or store loads.
The container is covered with rubber and is equipped with bands to secure the load.
It is built to meet various needs and can be used and operated with a self-propelled forklift truck.
The Container is built in 1 model or made to measure to meet any need.
It is also available with hot-dip galvanizing treatment or immersion painting.

Technical characteristics

  • Basic load-bearing structure in welded steel profiles.
  • Side structure upright in welded steel profiles.
  • Support base for forklift forks.

Measures and models

It is also possible to supply made-to-measure models.

Model 150x80x85 h

Maximum working load daN(~kg)


Length(A) mm


Width at the base (B) mm


Useful width (B1) mm


Height mm


Useful internal height mm


Mass (weight) kg


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