Stackable steel container for marble with removable side panel

Art. GF1/AGE

Container with removable tailboard designed and built to store or handle slab-shaped loads, especially suitable for marble or slab-shaped stone material strips.


The steel container Girlanda F.lli is an accessory equipped with removable side panel to facilitate the loading and unloading of materials.
The container is built in 1 model or made to measure to meet any need.
The container has been foreseen in order to be stacked in stack on more orders, you can overlap up to 3 loaded containers (with flat and cemented floor sheltered from the wind) and 5 empty containers.
It is also available with hot-dip galvanizing treatment or immersion painting.

Technical features

  • Basic load-bearing structure made of welded steel profiles.
  • Fixed tailgate made of welded steel profiles.
  • Lower bowl for foot support.
  • Upper bowl for foot support.
  • Removable tailgate made of welded steel profiles.

Measure and models

It is also possible to supply made-to-measure models.

Model 130x60x68 h

Maximum load capacity (kg)


External dimensions W x D (cm)


Useful internal height (cm)


External height (cm)


Mass (kg)



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