Hydraulic pallet table

Art. GF15

The bench is a machine designed and built for rotating packs of plates


The Girlanda F.lli bench is a machine designed and built for the rotation of packs of slabs. The pack of slabs cannot be placed directly on the mobile frame of the machine: in order to operate, it is essential to use a pallet platform type art. GF15/F or equivalent characteristics, which must be placed on the platform support. The machine is not suitable for lifting persons.
It is available with a coating treatment.

The product complies with the standards:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and subsequent supplements.
  • UNI EN ISO 12100/1 and 12100/2 standards.
  • When placed on the market, the Bench is provided with the CE marking, accompanied by the EC declaration of conformity and the instruction manual.

Technical features

  • Basic supporting structure in steel profiles
  • Tilting structure in steel profiles
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Hydraulic power unit electric panel
  • 2 hydraulic jacks

Measures and models

Maximum working load (CMU) daN (kg)


Max. height (no-load rotating frame dimensions) mm


Frame base length mm


Frame base width mm


Hydraulic circuit operating pressure bar


Lowering time of mobile frame at no load sec


No-load lifting time of mobile frame sec


Power unit electric motor kW


Three-phase power supply voltage volts


Power supply frequency hertz


Auxiliary control circuit voltage volts


Mass (weight) kg


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