Container with openable bottom in perforated sheet metal

Art. GF4/F

The Container is an accessory, designed and built to handle slurries or slurries of stone workshop processing powders,


The Girlanda F.lli Sheet Metal Container is an accessory, designed and built for the containment and handling of sludge or slurry from stone workshop processing.
The Container is constituted by a parallelepiped sheet metal mantle with support feet at the base and is equipped with a sheet metal square that acts as an extension during the introduction of the sludge into the container. The perforated sheet metal square allows to increase the height of the filling level of the slime and therefore to fully exploit the load of use.
The filtering of the material happens through a special bag sold apart.
The slime is introduced in a purifying bag, purposely disposed inside the Container to allow the retention of the solid part of the slime.
The sheet of the shell is perforated to allow the drainage of the liquid part of the slime that is not retained by the purifying bag.
The container is equipped with 4 hooks for lifting with a crane or with a forklift truck.
The Container is built in 1 model or made to measure to meet any need.
It is also available with immersion painting treatment.

The product complies with the regulations:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and following integrations.
  • UNI EN ISO 12100/1 and 12100/2 standards.
  • When placed on the market, the container is provided with the CE marking, accompanied by the EC declaration of conformity and the instruction booklet.

Technical characteristics

  • Cover in perforated steel sheet.
  • Upper square in perforated steel sheet.
  • Maneuvering lever to control the bottom opening.
  • Container support feet.
  • Suspension ring for lifting placed on the mobile crossbar.
  • Mobile crossbar suspension ring connection.
  • Lateral hook for lifting.
  • Snap-hook ring for rope retention, mounted on each side hook.
  • Photodegradable purifying bag.

Measures and models

It is also possible to supply customized models.

Model GF4/F

Maximum working load daN (kg)


Width x depth ( external ) cm


Useful internal height cm


External dimensions with upper square cm


Sheet metal thickness mm


Mass kg


Upper square

Width x depth ( external ) cm


Useful internal height ( light ) cm


Sheet metal thickness mm


Mass kg


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