Balanced trolley for slabs

Art. GF8/A

The Trolley is an accessory designed and built to transport slabs of marble, granite or stone material in general.


The trolley is equipped with 2 pneumatic wheels 4.00.8. It is built to meet various needs, can be used inside and outside of your laboratories and maneuvered by hand pulling.
The Container is built in 1 model. It is available with immersion painting treatment.

The product complies with the regulations:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and following integrations.

Technical characteristics

  • Basic supporting structure in steel profiles
  • Lateral shoulder elements in steel profiles
  • Welded steel transversal reinforcing elements of the side panels
  • 2 pneumatic wheels 4.00.8

Measures and models

Capacity daN(~kg)


Length mm


Width mm


Height mm


Mass kg


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